PRESS RELEASE: Clean Technology Hub extends the She Sustains Accelerator Program to allow more participants.

Clean Technology Hub
2 min readMar 30, 2024


Abuja, Nigeria — 29/03/2024

In response to a surge of interest from women entrepreneurs in the alternative energy and green economy, Clean Technology Hub (CTH) has extended the application deadline for its flagship “She Sustains Accelerator Program”.

Due to overwhelming demand and numerous requests from the community, aspiring participants now have until 12 April 2024 to apply.

Ifeoma Malo, Clean Technology Hub CEO and founder, stated: “The sheer volume of inquiries and applications we have received in the last week is truly inspiring. We are thrilled to extend the deadline to ensure all these talented women have the opportunity to join this transformative program.”

The She Sustains Accelerator Program empowers women-led cleantech start-ups by providing them with the resources, mentorship, and industry connections needed to thrive.

She Sustains Accelerator Program offers intensive workshops and training, mentorship from industry experts, access to funding and investment opportunities and networking.

Participants will develop critical business skills in fundraising, marketing, and product development in the workshops, and industry experts will mentor them.

They will also connect with potential investors and secure the capital needed to scale your business as well as build strong relationships with other female entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Clean Technology Hub encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs in the green economy to apply using the link by 12 April 2024. Aspiring women entrepreneurs in the sector should be encouraged to submit their applications by 12th April 2024.



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