Experience the Future: Africa E-Mobility Week Unveils a New Era

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4 min readNov 3, 2023


In. the heart of the Africa E-mobility week in October, Clean Technology Hub stood at the forefront, spearheading the vibrant E-mobility movement in West Africa. At its core was a groundbreaking hybrid conference held on October 25, 2023, in the bustling city of Lagos State. The visionary event, orchestrated by the Africa E-Mobility Alliance (AfEMA) headquartered in Kenya, marked a pivotal moment as West Africa took the lead during this electrifying week of innovation.

This exclusive conference played host to 180 pivotal figures in the realm of E-mobility — a gathering of minds encompassing EV producers, charging station developers, visionary investors, and forward-thinking policymakers. Their mission: to immerse themselves in the world of E-mobility, to foster vital connections, tackle sector-specific challenges head-on, and collaboratively pave the way forward for the sector’s unparalleled growth.

At the foundation of this momentous event lay the inaugural findings of a year-long research project funded by the esteemed ClimateWorks Foundation. The study delved deep into unraveling the current state of E-mobility in Nigeria, and Clean Technology Hub was privileged to play an integral role in this transformative journey.

E-mobility (or electronic mobility), is a symphony of technology revolutionizing our transport in a way never seen before. Envision a world where the urban landscape is graced by the elegant presence of silent, sustainable electric vehicles (EVs), leaving nothing but a trail of clean, breathable air and dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

Picture this: the roar of traditional engines is replaced by the whisper of electronic motors propelling sleek cars, bikes, buses, and scooters. These vehicles epitomize futuristic chariots, running solely on the clean, abundant energy of electricity. They are not only environmentally responsible but remarkably efficient, offering more miles for every unit of energy expended.

The marvels of E-mobility extend far beyond the confines of private cars. Public transportation gets a facelift with electric buses and trains, making urban commutes quieter, cleaner, and significantly swifter. E-mobility refuses to be grounded, reaching for the skies with the advent of electric planes, thus ensuring air travel becomes more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

And then there are the charging stations, sprouting up like vibrant mushrooms across the cityscape. These stations serve as convenient pit stops, allowing for seamless replenishment of your vehicle’s energy while you indulge in some shopping or savor a cup of your favorite brew. It’s nothing short of magical!

The benefits are both quantifiable and immeasurable — reduced pollution, quieter streets, diminished operating costs, and a healthier, happier planet. E-mobility is not merely a trend; it’s a revolution, propelling us toward a future that’s not just greener but also electrifyingly vibrant.

So, fasten your seat belts and plug in, because E-mobility is steering us towards a brighter, cleaner, and altogether exhilarating tomorrow! Clean Technology Hub is at the forefront, leading the charge for a sustainable and electrifying journey. CTH ON THE GO! 🚀

Oluchi Okenyi is Intern-Media and Strategic Communications at Clean Technology Hub



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