Africa had a chance to shine at the Africa Climate Week.

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3 min readSep 19, 2023

*Oluchi Okenyi

Ms. Doosughun Takur, Clean Technology Hub’s Director of Programmes and other panelists at the Africa Climate Foundation side event during the African Climate Week.

Africa, with its low contributions to greenhouse gas emissions remains the most vulnerable continent to the impact of climate change. Despite having the lowest emissions, Africa faces exponential collateral damage, posing systemic risks to its economies, infrastructure investments, water, food systems, public health, agriculture and livelihoods, threatening to slip Africa into higher levels of extreme poverty — this was affirmed by the African Development Bank Group 2022 climate report review.

This is the utmost concern to why the African Climate Summit is organized to drive Green growth and Climate finance solutions for Africa and the world. The African Climate Summit is a gathering of the continent’s stakeholders to foster and drive goals discussed at the Paris Agreement 2020 — 2060 to ensure net zero carbon emission and sustainable environmental climate change.

This Climate Change Summit has been held in other continents like South America. The 2023 African Climate Week was held in Kenya making it the first of its kind to be held and co-hosted with the African Union.

The 2023 ACW which held from the 4th — 8th of September created room for cross/double check on the speed of decisions made to secure a sustainable climate for Africa and the world, challenges faced and possible solutions to that effect. A total number of 30,000 participants from 130 countries; of which Clean Technology Hub Nigeria was in attendance ably represented by the Director of Programmes, Ms Doosughun Takur where she participated in a panel discussion on the 7th September with the title “Manufacturing of Environmental Goods — A key strategy For African Countries To Achieve Net- Zero by 2050”. The sessions and discussions held were both physical and virtual to allow for maximum connectivity all over the world.

Director of Programmes, Clean Technology Hub, Ms. Doosughun Takur and Managing Director, Africa E-mobility Alliance, Warren Ondanje at the Investor working group session on E-mobility in Africa at the Africa Climate Week in Nairobi, Kenya.

CTH is steadfast in its commitment to advancing sustainable growth and innovation that promotes holistic environmental prosperity. Embracing the age old wisdom that health is wealth, we strive to foster a harmonious balance between progress and the well being of our planet.

Oluchi Okenyi is Intern, Media and Strategic Communications at Clean Technology Hub



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